Häagen-Dazs The Greatest Showman Ticket Giveaway Instagram T&Cs

Instagram Giveaway promotion Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to Häagen-Dazs’ “The Greatest Showman Ticket Giveaway” Promotion (hereinafter referred to as “the Promotion”) made available on @haagendazsuk Instagram page (“Häagen-Dazs’ Instagram Page”).

No purchase necessary. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning.

The Promotion is open only to participants from the United Kingdom (“Participating Country”).

Within the context of the Promotion, a Prize shall be given away to the winning participants selected at random from among all eligible participants by the Sponsor, or its affiliate (“Winner”).

Participation in the Promotion means the unconditional acceptance by the participant of these Terms and Conditions, without any reservation or limitation, including each subsequent Sponsor decision relating to this Promotion.

How to enter

In order to qualify for a chance to win a prize (the “Prize” as defined below) during the Promotion Period, eligible participants must follow the instructions set out in the caption of the giveaway post (during the Promotion Period which will run for 48 hours). During the Promotion Period, two (2) winners will be selected at random from all participants who have entered. UK residents only to enter.


The Promotion involves the possibility of winning the following prize, 1 ticket (1 car) to see the following film showing:

The Greatest Showman (PG): Sunday 16th August (3:30pm)

The following Prize will be awarded to two winning participants (“Winner”):

1 ticket (1 car) up to 5 passengers

The Prize only covers the cost of the ticket and does not include any additional costs such as accommodation or transport costs of going to the venue (Goodwood Motor Circuit).

Promotion Period:

The Promotion period will run for 48 hours from the uploading of the giveaway post on Häagen-Dazs’ Instagram Page.

Winners shall be notified via a direct message on Instagram after the 48 hour Promotion period at the Sponsor’s discretion with a request regarding the winner’s name, email address and car size. Mobile charges or messaging rates may apply depending upon your mobile carrier. The Winner must respond within 24 hours after receipt of such notification.

The failure to respond timely to any notification may result in forfeiture of the prize and, in such case Sponsor may randomly select an alternate Winner from among the remaining eligible entries, up to three (3) attempts. An alternate Winner may be randomly selected from among the remaining eligible entries if a Winner: (i) cannot be reached; (ii) fails to provide the necessary details in a timely manner as required pursuant to these Terms and Conditions; or (iii) cannot accept or receive the prize for any reason. Winners will receive additional Prize arrangement details once eligibility is determined. In the event of a dispute about the identity of a Winner, each entry will be declared made by the authorized account holder of the email account submitted at time of entry.

Participation conditions

The date and the time of registration must be within the Promotion Period stated above.

Participation is free of charge, voluntary and takes place by following the instructions set out in the giveaway post’s caption on Häagen-Dazs’ Instagram page. Participation in the Promotion is limited to 1 entry. Once the entry threshold has been reached, further participation with each subsequent product purchase is not possible.

Participation in the Promotion is open only to natural persons residing within the Participating Countries and that are 16 years or older.

During the entire Promotion Period, participants must have a valid identification (i.e. passport), and, immediately on request, make a copy thereof available to the Sponsor or its affiliate, and be available for identification thereafter.

Employees of the Sponsor and of all affiliated companies, subsidiaries and advertising/promotion agencies and their immediate family members are barred from participation.

In the event the participant desires to be excluded from the Promotion, participant shall direct message Häagen-Dazs’ Instagram page with the relevant participant details.

Incorrect, illegible, incomplete, late or incorrectly addressed entries shall not be processed. The Sponsor and its affiliates shall not be liable for inadequate entries as a result of errors or technical failures of any nature whatsoever, including a poorly functioning network, hardware or software, irrespective of whether problems arise with the sender or the Sponsor.

The Sponsor retains the right to disqualify entries if the Sponsor is of the opinion that either abuse exists or aspects of the game are being violated.

In the event one of the provisions stated in these Terms and Conditions is infringed upon, participation shall by operation of law become null and void, possible claims to Prizes shall lapse and the participant shall be excluded from further participation.

Prize restrictions

The Prize only covers the cost of the ticket and does not include any additional costs such as accommodation or transport costs of going to the venue (Goodwood Motor Circuit).

No substitution, transfer, or cash redemption of any Prizes permitted, provided however that Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a Prize with another Prize of equal or greater value should the advertised Prize become unavailable for any reason. The Prize is person-related and therefore non-transferrable and also not convertible for money or another type of compensation, unless the Sponsor independently decides thereto.

All expenses not expressly stated above are the responsibility of each individual Winner and guest. Delivery of Prize will be made after Sponsor verifies that Winner has met all eligibility requirements.

The Sponsor shall not replace the Prize, the notification or its contents in which the Prize is awarded if it is lost after dispatch or destroyed.

All Winners and guests must abide by the terms, conditions, policies of Instagram and any other third-party service provided as part of the Prize.


Except when such is prohibited by law, participation in the Promotion entails participants granting express and unconditional consent to the publication of their names and photos, voice, photograph, video or film clips, biographical information and/or other visual likeness in any and all media or formats known or later developed without any further compensation, permission or notification for any purpose, including without limitation, commercial, advertising and promotional purposes in connection with Sponsor’s website and Sponsor’s social media accounts.

Participants guarantee the Sponsor that they are the entitled parties to the visual and/or text material supplied by them and that they have received from all the persons visible in the visual material and/or referred to in the text material supplied by them the required consent for the publication and reproduction of the picture(s) and text(s). The participant in question shall, if requested, unconditionally supply the Sponsor free of charge with evidence thereof immediately upon request. Further, participants guarantee the Sponsor and its affiliated parties that (i) by publishing and reproducing the supplied visual or text material, no rights of third parties are infringed upon and (ii) indemnify the Sponsor and all its affiliated enterprises and third parties whose services have been engaged by Sponsor for claim purposes in that respect.

In addition, participants guarantee that they possess all rights and consents required by law that make it possible for the Sponsor and/or its affiliated parties to publish or reproduce the visual and/or text material as supplied by the participants, whether or not for commercial purposes and in all possible manners, to which the participants expressly grant consent in the broadest sense of the word.

The supplied visual and/or text material may not be of an offensive, obscene, vulgar, racist, sexist and/or pornographic nature. If the Sponsor believes that material violates good taste and morals, the Sponsor can then proceed with the removal in whole or in part and/or the exclusion of participants from further participation.

Personal details

The Sponsor or its affiliate shall collect only those personal details that have been expressly and freely given by the participants in the context of the Promotion.

The personal details furnished by the participant shall be processed under the responsibility of the Sponsor. The Sponsor shall handle the personal details in accordance with the applicable statutory requirements. These personal details shall not be furnished to third parties without prior consent, except in the event the Sponsor is obliged thereto on the basis of statutory provision or a court decision.

The Sponsor shall use the furnished personal details for the administration of this Promotion only, unless entrants have given permission for information to be used for marketing and promotional purposes. Entry information will be retained for as long as Sponsor has a legitimate business interest and will not be used for marketing without express consent of the entrant.


The Sponsor, the enterprises affiliated with it, the agents whose services have been engaged by the Sponsor or third parties cannot be held liable for any actions ensuing from this Promotion and the damage and/or loss ensuing therefrom to the extent such exclusion is permitted by law.

To the extent any liability of the Sponsor, or its affiliates, exists, this liability shall never relate to any damage and/or loss other than direct damage and/or loss.  The Sponsor and its affiliates shall have no liability whatsoever with respect to indirect, special, incidental, consequential damage and/or loss, which are hereby expressly excluded.

The Sponsor and its affiliates are not liable for non-entries, damaged, incomplete, late or incorrectly addressed entries due to transfer errors or technical failures of any nature whatsoever, including the faulty functioning of a network, hardware, software, etc.

In addition, the Sponsor and its affiliates shall accept no liability if a Prize is not received at all or later than planned.

The Sponsor, its affiliates, or the systems administrator of the Sponsor and/or of its affiliates is not liable for its systems being violated (hacking) as a result of which specific information of or concerning the participants becomes known to third parties.

The Sponsor and its affiliates are neither responsible nor liable for defects in the Prizes issued by Sponsor or its affiliates. The Sponsor and its affiliates give no guarantee for the Prize to be issued by Sponsor or its affiliates to the extent such exclusion is permitted by law.

Other provisions

In the event fraud or manipulation is suspected, the Sponsor or its affiliates can also report to the competent authorities without further announcement.

The Sponsor retains the right to stop the Promotion and/or to prematurely amend these Terms and Conditions of the Promotion at any time without stating reasons.