Example for: https://www.haagen-dazs.fr/offre-decouverte

The reference page contains an iFrame form sourced from https://haagendazs.pixibox.com/
  • Plain HTML (Reusable)
Rendering Settings
Plain HTML (Reusable)
  • Paint Bucket
    • Grid (Size): Compact Phones = 12
Code in HTML
<iframe id="gmiFrame" src="https://haagendazs.pixibox.com/" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" scrolling="no"></iframe>
Important Notes
  • For automatic resizing via JavaScript, id="gmiFrame" must be included
  • For other iFrames aside from this specific example, adding id="gmiFrame" will only work if the iFrame uses JavaScript to send messages to its parent window with height information as this instance does
  • Remove the Page title from the iFrame and set on the Sitecore page.