Rediscover the City of Love
this Summer


Join Häagen-Dazs in celebrating London as the City of Love and indulge in a scoopful of our new mouth-watering Macaron ice cream to help mark the occasion.

Complete the form below for a chance to win the ultimate date night experience for two, at a top secret location in London on 1st June 2023.

And don’t just indulge in our new tasty flavours, relish the romantic side of London in our love inspired citywide experience.

We’ve curated the most romantic spots across the city for you to explore, enjoy, and of course snap for the gram.

The Summer of Love is coming. And it’s set to taste magnifique!

An illustration of a map with a heart-shaped pin in the middle of it

Find Your Lovers Corner

Explore and experience the romantic side of London with our Häagen-Dazs Love Map, guiding you and your hearts to the most enchanting and romantic places in London.

Each lovely location is marked on the map with a number, and you can select any of these to reveal more information about each location below.


In collaboration with world-renowned superstar pastry chef – Pierre Herme, Häagen-Dazs has created this summer’s most highly anticipated and speculated date night.

But no one knows where it is… Yet.

Our top-secret location in the heart of London will play host to a bespoke immersive sensorial experience for couples old and new.

Our curated tasting menu will have you fully engaged and immersed in a sensual atmosphere designed to let sparks, embers and even flames fly.

Two cups of Häagen-Dazs ice cream with macrons falling on them

Introducing your
New First Loves

This is the summer of love, so things are sure to heat up.
Complement the occasion and discover what tickles your fancy through our range of flavours designed to make you fall in love all over again.